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The fact that complex IT solutions power these relationships doesn't even cross the mind of curious visitors. The IIG Global team weaves these connections together for our clients, creating a digital infrastructure from web-based applications and rich graphic elements. We, IIG Global, turn concepts into web portals, binding them together with complex IT solutions.


Our branches

Our clients provide countless services to discerning customers. Our branches wrap these services in powerful web platforms, presenting your ideas in impassioned forms that are guaranteed to be web standard and certain to meet your needs, your tastes. Passionately sweeping the internet in search of ever more dynamic ways to deliver your site to its audience, our branches refine and refocus your identity, never regarding the project as complete until you're completely satisfied.

Web Design Sun

Web Design Sun

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Clean Code Studio

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IT Consulting

We power our clients with broad spectrum IT consulting services. IIG Global® mission is to fulfill your information technology requirements, to solve your digital technology issues before they impact your profit margin. Our consulting services target the cloud and your own IT infrastructure, leveraging every asset you possess in an unfaltering desire to keep your system performing at its best.

IT Consulting

Web Development

We create consistent web presences that instantly convey the identity of your website. Graphic design gurus gift your website with unique character while ensuring the content takes on a life of its own. There's no oblique presentation or meandering message delivery when you subscribe to our services. Instead, the message is rock solid and certain to draw traffic, the right traffic.

IT Consulting

Themes and Plugins

There are literally hundreds of have-a-go amateurs working day and night to create themes and plugins for Wordpress and Drupal. The open source nature of the web publishing platform favors such pioneering work, but these endeavors are very much limited by this same amateur spirit. It takes the expertise and artistry of a dedicated web development team to truly master the fine details that form a professionally polished Wordpress theme or plugin. Additionally, the same field requires a modicum of versatility, the ability to transition into other web creation domains. Web Design Sun® Themes designers create uniquely functional and attractive themes and plugins. Each one of our coded products is defined by colorful and dynamic features, which means every theme and plugin comes ready to extend the best CMS (Content Management Systems) on the web.

IT Consulting

Mobile Applications

The age of mobile design is upon us, with over half of today's web audience now accessing their content through mobile portals. InTecLab tailored solution that leverages the latest in mobile development practices. Dynamically designed to accommodate the mobile mentality, your clean and lean web presence will be accessible from any device thanks to our seamlessly deployed mobile applications.

IT Consulting

High loaded solutions

Our team of expert developers will match you with your ideal solution, with high-load architectural implementations that answer front and server side demand. We develop using Python, ASP.NET, Node.js, and other core technology stacks required to establish your web portal. Social platform, enterprise level endeavour, or mass market customer base, Clean Code Studio solution deploys scalable resources and a comprehensive set of developmental tools to ensure client satisfaction.

IT Consulting